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Business Insurance for Takeaway Delivery

In this era of technology, where everything is done with ease at the press of a button, it isn’t surprising that even the food we eat can be bought through online websites and delivered right to our doorstep. This has become a lucrative opportunity for companies that now provide auto services, such as Uber, which initially started out as a

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The Perfect Time to Review Your Business Insurance Is Now!

The global spread of COVID-19 has made 2020 a challenging year for many businesses across the world. More specifically, the pandemic has disrupted business operations in almost every industry. Of course, supply chain issues and business interruptions can potentially expose business insurance policyholders to business-related lawsuits. But for this reason, as a business owner, you should make every effort to

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Umbrella Insurance–Why It Is Important for Small Businesses

Small businesses usually do not have a considerable fund to fall back upon when things go wrong. That is why most firms opt for general liability insurance and employment practices liability insurance. However, what happens if your policy limit is insufficient to cover the loss incurred by your business? This is where umbrella insurance helps.  How Does Umbrella Insurance Work? Umbrella insurance is used

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Commercial Auto Insurance for New Businesses

What new business owners should know about commercial insurance. If you have just launched a business, then you know how much time, effort, and money you have invested.  This is why it’s so important to protect your company and everything that it represents for you.  The best way to safeguard your company is with the right business insurance.  Not sure

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Essential Types of Commercial Insurance for Your Retail Store

Protect your retail business with the right insurance coverage. As a retailer, you face a variety of risks.  This is why it’s so important to secure the right commercial insurance in Lubbock, Texas.  Not sure which types of coverage you need?  Then read on to learn about the most essential types of business insurance for retailers. Commercial Property Insurance If

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Prepare for a Company Holiday Party with Liquor Liability Insurance

How host liquor liability insurance can address party-related risks. If you want to hold a company party for your staff, then you have a lot of decisions to make.  For instance, you need to decide if you will serve alcohol at the event.  Serving alcohol to your employees will expose you to certain risks.  However, you can address these threats

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What Businesses Need to Know About EPLI

Protecting your business from employee claims. While you may assume that workers compensation insurance covers the cost of all employee lawsuits, this simply isn’t the case.  Workers compensation will only cover the cost of lawsuits filed by employees who were injured while on the job.  So, how can you secure commercial insurance in Lubbock, Texas for the lawsuits that claim

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Knowing When It’s Time to Update Your Business Insurance

When should you review and update your commercial coverage? As a business owner, you know how important it is to secure the right commercial insurance in Lubbock, Texas.  However, business insurance isn’t something that you can secure and then forget about.  Your various commercial policies need to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis.  If your business experiences these

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Understand Why Your Business Needs Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Address coverage gaps with the right commercial umbrella insurance. If you own a small business, then it is your job to protect your company and all its assets.  This is why it’s so important to secure the right insurance protection.  Unfortunately, when it comes to protecting against liability issues, standard commercial policies often fall short.  To ensure that your business

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